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William RichardsWilliam Richards

I'm half English, half Dutch and have lived in the Netherlands for 18 years, with a brief sojourn of four years in Portugal running a horse farm (I know, but that's another story). I can't remember how old I was when I started taking photos with my Dad's Pentax camera, but I managed to attain an old 120 bellows camera which I used for years, taking black and white photo's and developing them at my school's darkroom. Somehow I managed to "upgrade" to a Zenith SLR which was built like a tank (and weighed as much as one too...), before moving onto small compact cameras. Finally, at the age of 40 I got my first Nikon digital camera and was hooked again. I could (almost...) take the photos I had in my head. After a fantastic week with Patrick Mollema in Pebru, France (http://www.digitalefotografievakantie.nl), I climbed over the barrier which had caused me to almost get the photos which were in my head and am now enjoying almost always getting the photo I have in my head. I'm so happy everything is digital now 🙂 The darkroom was fun, but the amount of wasted paper I went through was enough to make a lumberjack happy and let's not get started about the chemicals...
Photography is one of the few things I do where I forget time and am totally immersed in the camera and the scene in front of me, trying to get it right in the camera so I don't have to spend too long in front of the computer screen. Wonderful!
To help pay for this expensive hobby, I'm a Freelance Digital Project manager and enjoy leading internet projects for both client-side and agency-side.

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